It's my day and I can brag if I want to!

I just released two new patterns on Pimp Stitch today ...errr...yesterday...but officially today!

I think you'll like my two new pattern collections:

Kitchy Lawn Ornament Made in the 80s

The Kitchy Lawn Ornament Collection includes a garden gnome, a couple of mushrooms, a pink flamingo and an adorable little fawn. I think it would be just perfect for embroidering a gardening apron or a pair of gardening gloves. Or anything else for that matter! The Made in 80s Collection includes a cassette tape (or mix tape), a boombox, a lightening bolt, and heart-shaped sunglasses (my favorite kind).

I stitched up the mix tape this weekend and I'm really happy with the way it came out!

Mixed Tape

Tamie made a comment recently about how perfect people's stitches look, when you view photos of hand embroidery on Flickr. I jokingly told her that I was just going to tell everyone that my un-even stitches are a special technique! LOL. But seriously, I sort of like the imperfect look where the stitches aren't all uniform (or in a straight line). In my head, I'm picturing a sketch made with colored pencils, only instead of pencils on paper, I am "sketching" with thread on fabric. I think some designs (like the mix tape) really lend well to this technique. I just love the way the bright-colored threads look against the black. I will be doing more designs on dark fabrics from now on.

What I really love is that I'm finally settling into this embroidery thing. I've tried many a craft, but nothing I have enjoyed as much as jewelry-making, until now! It's funny, I remember purchasing some of my first supplies at Michaels. The cashier made a comment on my embroidery supplies, saying she heard that stitching could be very relaxing. "I wouldn't know!" I thought to myself as I had been angered by knots in my floss, tangles, and other such mishaps. But eventually you get a feel for things and it just flows.

Enough embroidery talk for now. If you haven't checked out Pimp Stitch yet then please do! And stay tuned because I believe the other girls are launching new patterns this week as well!


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