A Rant/Thrifty Finds?

Don't you just hate it when bloggers post photos of their thrift store finds? The pictures sit on the page, mocking you, from some mystery town where thrift stores are stalked high and tall with vintage goodness and where antique fairs run rampant and $2 deals are commonplace. Go on and gloat about how lucky you are, flash your fancy pictures in our faces, tell us how the dealer practically paid you to take the pink princess phone in pristine condition. The nerve of some people!

...so...do you want to see what I scored at the Sacramento Antique Faire this weekend? I thought you might!

Vintage glass from the Sacramento Antique Faire
Vintage glass pieces. I don't know what I'm going to do with them but they sure are pretty!

Vintage Buckles from the Sacramento Antique Faire
Vintage buckles - I am going to make necklaces out of these babies!

While we are on the subject, look what I scored at a local thrift store a couple of weekends ago. I got the whole set for under $9! Pyrex is the best.

Plus this little owl cup for my desk
Owl Cup

And, finally, my all-time favorite thrift store purchase - a vintage owl pitcher for under $4!
Thrift Store Score!

Do you hate me now?

...yeah, I don't blame you.


Melissa H said...

ok, spill. where did you find the pyrex? I want names! ;)

Sacred Snatch said...

Dang girl, you really SCORED!

Stacey said...

What thrift stores do you frequent???

Rain said...

I do hate you! j/k...lol! Okay, I don't. I'm just jealous of your owl mug! ;)

Krissi's Stitchery said...

Yep, I hate ya too (insert jealous grumbling here).

Pink Petunia Designs said...

I am so envious right now. Let me know if you ever want a shopping partner for the antique faire. I always am busy when it is going on. I have always wanted to check it out. You are so right about the prices and the loot around here. Its been picked clean and vintage is so in its expensive in Sac. I am headed up to a small town called Burney, CA and am hoping to find some good finds like you did. I am loving the owl and the pyrex peices. Good ones!

puglyfeet said...

With a passion, Pepto Girl, with a great, intense passsion!!!! My eyes immediately fell on your vintage glass pieces, and then your belt buckle. Then, I read your post... so intuitive... you described my feelings exactly. How could you gloat so shamelessly?!? ;)

San Leandro very recently had a so-called *garage sale extravaganza*. Your findings were the very things I've been seeking (especially the vintage glass pieces!) and most unfortunately, there was nothing remotely as cool as your stuff!!!

Rain said...

Hey Amy...

I just found this book in a magazine article...It's called "My favorite finds: flea market journal"

Here it is on Amazon:

I thought that it was right up your alley!

Anonymous said...

NO NO NO! I love it when people post their thrift store finds. Just the other day I was suuuper jealous at a girl who found a VINTAGE CHANEL DRESS! I NEVER find stuff that cool! But I did find a cool little suitcase for 1.99 yesterday. And a vintage teaset for a buck! Ok..so I'm jealous of the belt buckles....maybe a bit more than a little jealous! lol

Anonymous said...

I love wehn people post their finds! I am TOO jealous of the belt buckles!

Drewzel said...

Me love owl mug. oh yes. But don't hate you.

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