N.E.E.T. - June 2008 Issue is now available!

NEET Ad for the Craft MafiaThe June 2008 issue of NEET Magazine is now available! For those of you who don't know, NEET is a virtual magazine that you can read for free on your computer! This is THE place to get the scoop on all the latest handmade & vintage fashion and accessories.

Here's a little background info, straight from the NEET site:
N.E.E.T. Magazine is the brainchild of Stephanie J, who is based in the UK. Everything in the magazine is handpicked, designed and organized by her, the editor.

N.E.E.T. began in December 2005 as a quarterly, online publication, laid out in a magazine format - as a showcase for grassroots creativity. It would be impossible without the wonderful contributions of all those involved and many thanks goes to a wide network of global talent, with the internet playing a vital part in research and communication.

NEET Ad for Handmade ParadeThat said, I am particularly excited because I got the opportunity to design TWO ads in this issue! The first is an ad for the Craft Mafia. My ad won first place in the Craft Mafia ad design contest. Um, too bad it was the only entry...But hey, I'm not complainin'! I included photos from several of the different mafias, including some from Sacramento. The second ad was for Handmade Parade, which just launched a couple of weeks ago.

I've gotten the opportunity to work on more "fun" design projects lately and I love it! Stay tuned for some new indie business sites that I'm working on and in the meantime, go checkout the new issue of NEET!

* Oh yeah, I almost forgot! I did a little bloggy re-construction yesterday so I've got a slightly new look and more room for awesomely good stuff! Hope you like it!


Rain said...

Good Stuff Amy! Thanks for the update on the issue...I've been wanting to check it out!

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