It's that time again!

Missy Free PatternYes, you're right, it's time for your weekly Pimp Stitch update! This week, we have a free pattern available for download, courtesy of Missy Ballance. And boy is it cute, if I do say so myself! And appropriately titled "Let's get this party started." But don't think I'm going to let you off the hook that easy by letting you download it here. No, I am going to make you visit today's Pimp Stitch blog post, so you'll have to download it there.

We'll be offering up a free pattern every week for the next 4 weeks while we count down to launch. So you'd better be sure to check back often and sign your booty up for the email list so we can send you updates. Next week you can keep an eye out for a free pattern by yours truly. I'm trying to come up with something that will be as cute as Missy's so wish me luck!


Pookie Tookie Diary said...

Hii you have the cutest blog ever! i really love it :D

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