Celebrate good times, come on!

CelebrateCan you hear the party music? Yep, it's Kool and the Gang telling you to "we're gonna celebrate and have a good time." So Come on!

Okay, that was corny, but I just couldn't resist. This week, we're "celebrating" with a free pattern by Lauren Brandy of goody-goody, appropriately titled Celebrate. You can download this super-cute free pattern if you visit today's Pimp Stitch blog post.

We have one more free pattern for the month, so keep an eye out for next Tuesday's free pattern by Tamie of Roxycraft! She's got some super-cute things up in the Pimp Stitch Flickr group so I'm excited to see what she comes up with next. Then stay tuned because the Pimp Stitch shop opens on the 25th, where we'll be offering up our newest patterns for purchase. The best part? Each pattern collection costs less than a gallon of gas! You gotta love that.


Motherhood for Dummies said...

soo cute! I love your stitching. By the way.. this might sound dumb... but what is amuse? It is a type of stamping? And all those cards and stuff you made... did you make those stamps or did you buy them all?

Peptogirl said...

Not dumb! Amuse is a rubber stamp company, they make all my favorite rubber stamps! I got them all at a store in Sacramento called the Paper Garden ;)

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