The big day is here!

Pimp Stitch is finally open for business!

PS Screenshot

Each of us has released 2 pattern sets for the Grand Opening:

From Tamie Snow we have Float On and Grandmother's House, Missy Ballance brings us Robots and Teddy Bears, Amy Cluck offers School Daze and The Totally Boss Collection and Lauren Brandy has Day to Day and Scandia Style.

All of the collections are very different and there is something for every taste so check it out and see what we've got to offer.

Speaking of offerings, we've got one more free pattern available this month, from the amazingly talented Tamie of Roxy Craft!

Sleeping girl

Her pattern is called "The Party's Over" but really, it's just beginning! You can get your free pattern over on the Pimp Stitch blog.

P.S.) I think this is a portrait of me, about halfway through a typical party!

Thanks, everyone, for your support! Now go get your stitch on!


Motherhood for Dummies said...

I have been loving your blog!

Sacred Snatch said...

congratulations Mujeres! I am hearing quite a buzz about you chicas!

Big ups to the Pimptresses!

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