SPAM? For me? Why thank you!

I have my blog comments set up to email me for approval so that I can regulate real comments from SPAM. Oh, I know, you SPAMers aren't really reading this, you are just going to post some general comment like "I see what you mean. You should check out this link (insert link here)." You aren't reading my blog, you are just commenting half-haphazardly so that all my readers will see your comment and will visit your porn-spewing, Viagra selling, male body part enlargement, virus downloading site. Well let me say, I'm flattered. I'm flattered that you took the time to find my blog. I'm flattered that you have so much faith in my site traffic that you think your well-placed link will help you to generate some business. I am flattered because you obviously think I'm successful. Why would you latch on to me otherwise?

In fact, I am so flattered that you took the time out of your busy schedule to comment my little 'ol blog that I'd like to hire you. As you know, I don't have the time to promote my site as I should and I think that you would do a wonderful job. Too bad you aren't really reading this. "You" are probably just some script that someone created to leave random comments on random blogs. *sigh*


jeanetta said...

hahaha thats too funny!

goody-goody said...

'Cause we all know that people looking for penis enlargement read our crafty blogs! oooh baby. Too funny. You should rant more!

Sacred Snatch said...

Ill, that has happened twice to me. He/she probably found me through you! haha.


Peptogirl said...

hehe. Maybe I should rant more often!

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