Maker Faire / Bazaar Bizarre - Part 2

Okay, so I know I promised I'd tell you all about Maker Faire so here it goes! Sophia and I left EARLY Saturday morning, headed over to pick up Lauren and then made our way o San Mateo, where Maker Faire was held. Missy and Tamie arrived at about the same time that we did. Katie had arrived WAY TOO early and was set up and ready to go before we even arrived! It was a long but fun day. I enjoyed looking at everyone's booths and talking to some of the vendors who I met through IndieSacramento and Craft Con, including the lovely and talented Nicole of Queen Puff Puff. And, naturally, I did a little shopping while I was there (I do my part to help the economy). I still need to take some photos of my loot, but the first two things I purchase were a vinyl makeup bag (in the shape of an owl) and a super-cute pink and black tote purse from Barry's Farm. Our table was right next to the Barry's Farm table and with so much cute stuff so close, I couldn't resist. Besides, Barry and his girlfriend Katie were super-nice! After the show, Sophia, Lauren, Missy, Tamie and I headed over to the Hilton to check in (I got a surprisingly good deal on the rooms). After checking in and getting settled, we headed over to BJs for some yummy food and beer. And pazzokies (that's a big warm cookie with ice cream in case you didn't know)! When we got back to the hotel, we intended to party it up like it was 1999, but we just sat and giggled for a bit talking about past boyfriends until we pooped out for the day.

On Sunday, I was awoken with "Good morning sunshine!" to the side of me. And all I am thinking is "I need coffee." First stop, Starbucks! Then off for the second day of vending. I got to walk around a bit more on Sunday, visiting and making a few last purchases. I decided on a key fob (with little pink cupcakes on it) by Barry's Farm (their stuff was just so dang cute!) and I couldn't resist a cardigan by the lovely Cathy Pitters of Bossa Nova Baby (who I also had the pleasure of meeting at Craft Con). The cardigan is light pink (naturally) with a scissor on each shoulder and sewn detail along the back. I wore it proudly this week and whenever someone complimented me on my sweater, I'd shout out "it's a Bossa Nova Baby!" as if it were Gucci or Channel or something. Lastly, I purchased a couple of 1" buttons from Willow of Willotoons, who I also got to meet at Craft Con. I would also like to get a t-shirt but I'm still deciding between i'm just a little bit famous and Don't you know who I am?


1" buttons from Willotoons on my Maker Faire badge


I just had to get a cardigan from Bossa Nova Baby to wear with the new sweater clips I've been making.

I walked around and explored the Maker Faire a bit, though I think I still missed a whole section of craft related items. I never did find the Craft Con booth. Though Katy Kristin did stop by to give me a Craft Con business card! I was also bummed to have missed Kathy Cano-Murillo's talk on "Squeezing a Dollar from a Dime" but was absolutely STOKED to have her sign my copy of Crafty Chica's Art de la Soul: Glittery Ideas to Liven Up Your Life. And then I kept passing Kathy as I walked around the Maker Faire, I was hoping she didn't think I was some kind of crazy stalker. LOL.

Speaker of stalker, I finally got to meet the lovely Jennicakes, who incidentally, I had just recently seen on Flickr in one of my sweater chains. I sent a little thank you package to the amazing folks at the Sampler about a year ago but I hadn't seen the photo until recently. Doesn't she look like a model? I love it!

Jennicakes in Peptogirl sweater clip

At the end of the day we packed up. Sophia and I headed back to Sacramento with a stop at In and Out Burger on the way! Whew!


goody-goody said...

It was a blast, wasn't it, Sunshine? :) Dude, now I need a sweater chain..especially if it made me look half as lovely as Jennicakes.

Nicole said...

Hey Amy!
It was so nice to see you too! I forgot to pick up one of your sweater clips so I will be cruising your site waiting for them to go up.

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