Handmade Parade has a brand-new site!

Yep, you heard it right, Handmade Parade has a brand spankin' new site, at www.handmade-parade.com.

Handmade Parade Site

If you remember some of my previous posts over the last year, you would know that Handmade Parade started out as a neighborhood craft show. There's also a Handmade Parade blog, where we brought you the best of handmade holiday shopping this past holiday season. Now Handmade Parade has evolved into a virtual Craft Show of sorts, where you can purchase handmade merchandise from all over the world!

There will be new artists added all the time, so check back often! And if you are interested in joining the Handmade Parade revolution, email thehandmadeparade@gmail.com.

P.S.) I designed the site. Do you like it???


roxycraft said...

You did an amazing job...the site looks great!

roxycraft said...
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Mary said...

Amy, that is awesome! Great job!

Katie Trott said...

It looks great,nice work! I love HP!

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