Oh yeah, Earth Day Weekend

Wow, this weekend was so incredibly busy that I almost forgot to tell you about it!

Down to Earth was AMAZING. I really hope that Katie and Erika Ashley decide to do it again.


It was the first time I've had a whole 10x10 space to myself too.



I decided to make record bowls in celebration of Earth Day (recycle, re-use) and I'm glad I did because they were a big hit. I also got to try out my new credit card imprinter!



I have a ton more pictures so you really should go visit my Flickr to check them out!

On Sunday, some of the girls from the mafia (including myself) got to vend at the Sacramento Earth Day festival. We got stuck under a huge patch of trees and were FREEZING during most of the day. Thank goodness for Rain and her boyfriend, Chris. He was sweet enough to bring us back some warm delicious coffee! I also owe a big thank you to Antoinette for keeping my mind of the cold with good conversation!

My booth looked pretty much the same on as it did on Saturday (only down-sized) so I'll spare you the photos (but you can view them here). Instead I'll leave you a photo of the Earth Wishes Tree (I think that's what they called it). I think the concept was that the kids were supposed to create a piece of art, write some wishes for the Earth, and place the art on the tree.



Sacred Snatch said...

It WAS cold that day! I was up in the mountains, and it was even colder!

Great pics! I peeped you flickr. How long did it take you to upload those? lol

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