Craft Con Update

Update: for more information on the conference check out the Craft Con article on Etsy.


I know, I know, you are all wondering how Craft Con went and I am slacking on spilling the details. I am still catching up on my sleep if any of you buy that excuse.

So the tip started with a ride on Amtrack to Richmond which I enjoyed. Next came a ride on BART from Richmond to 24th and Mission (in San Francisco) which I did not enjoy. I couldn't find a restroom to save my life - finally found one outside the BART station when I arrived (a PAY toilet, mind you) - dug in my purse for change for 15 minutes (my change purse was on the very bottom and I didn't feel comfortable pulling out my wallet, camera, and iPhone to get to it - THEN by the time I did get to my change the restroom was occupied for the next 20 MINUTES. Arg. I finally gave up and walked three blocks to my hotel with a way-too-full bladder and a way-too-heavy bag on my shoulder. Needless to say I purchased a rolling suitcase from a street vendor before I returned home.

Finally, I got checked into my room at the Element and got to meet up with my travel buddy, Kelly Rand of the blogs Crafting a Green World and DCist. Kelly is super-nice and I was very grateful to have her as a travel buddy throughout my trip!

Before long, we headed over to the official Craft Con tour through the Hayes Valley and then over to Lower Haight for cocktails and dinner. Cocktail hour was hosted by Readymade so I got to chat it up with some of the talented individuals that make Readymade happen. I also picked up a couple extra issues of the magazine to share with friends. After dinner, Kelly and I called it a night early. She was on a 3-hour time difference, being from D.C. I don't really have an excuse!

Our "hotel" experience was interesting. First of all, our rooms happened to be right above a night club. To be fair, we were warned that it would be noisy. I was unprepared. Lets put it this way - I could have sat in my room and sang along with the lyrics, that's how loud it was. To top it off, neither of us could figure out how to work the showers (I know how stupid that sounds but there were no levers or pulleys or any apparent ways of making the shower come on). Being too embarrassed to ask someone at the front desk, I washed my hair in the bathtub. Oh, and then there's the TV that mysteriously turns on in the middle of the night. SPOOKY!

Aside from the hotel/ hostel experience, my trip was great! I returned with all kinds of fun business cards and swag, including a handmade name tag and event program (see photos below).

I also met so many amazing people! I wish I had time to write about all of them right now, but I promise I'll continue to "name-drop" in the coming weeks!

On Saturday, Kelly and I enjoyed dinner with Kim Dorn and Sara Dick of Crafty Bastards. Those two were not only fun to hang out with but they were super-sweet, sharing with me everything they could about putting on a successful craft show. I also really enjoyed their session on Sponsorship - so much so that I missed out on another session because I stayed behind to ask questions.

I was also excited to hear a presentation by Jackie Ortega of Craft Gym. I love the concept of Craft Gym. We SO need one in Sacramento!

As some of you may know, I've been contemplating a trip to Portland so it was great to talk with Cathy Pitters of Crafty Wonderland (and Portland Super Crafty and Bossa Nova Baby) AND also Jen Neitzel of DIY Lounge (and Knot Ugly Designs).

Ok, I'm seriously getting tired now so I'll leave you with just a couple more shout-outs and then I'm done for the day!

After dinner on Saturday, we headed over to the Urban Art Farm for a crafty gala event. Yoli and Krissi came to support Sacramento and represent the Crafty Chica, with a collection of goodies from her new (Duncan) product line. It was matchbox shrine heaven! Hop on over to Yoli's blog to check out the photos (since I failed to take any).

Speaking of photos, I am embarrassed by the small amount of photos that I took at Craft Con. But, no worries, plenty of others have uploaded their photos to Flickr so you can fill in the blanks that I missed.

Craft Con '08
Scissor mobile at Rare Device (on the Craft Con tour of SF)

Craft Con '08
Tour of Stitch

Craft Con '08
Plenty of issues of CRAFT magazine

Craft Con '08
Cute & crafty name badges

Craft Con '08
The most amazing event programs ever

It was really great to meet so many awesome crafty individuals! I learned SO much and am so grateful to everyone who shared their experience and knowledge. I now feel truely ready to take my craft business to the next level. I was also impressed by the commeraderie that exists amoung the group. I am honored to be apart of such a close-knit community (no pun intended)!

You can read more about the event at www.craftcon.org. The site will be updated - as soon as the event organizers catch up on their sleep!


marimello said...

Great round up! It was so fun to meet you. Say hi to Melissa for me when you see her.
OH and congrat on the Bee article. It's nice to see people I have met peeking out of the press.

Krissi's Stitchery said...

Great blog, Amy! Thanks for the shout out (I'm still picking glitter off of myself from last Saturday).

marimello said...

Hell yeah! On to maker Faire! Be there or be square...

willo said...

Really glad you posted how the hotel was for you - I was wondering about that!

Great seeing you, Amy!

I'll let you know when I (finally) post my wrap up & photos, too!

Melissa H said...

I know it's not in Sacramento but the Craft Center at UC Davis offers amazing work space and classes. they've gotten popular so they fill up quick but SO worth the trip across the causeway (not that I'm biased) thanks for the update on craft con.


Loved to hear about your Craft Con experience. I'm not sure if we got to officially meet, but hopefully we will in the future!
P.S. I'm still exhausted, too, but happily so :)

Pink Petunia Designs said...

The pictures are great. I am in total agreeance that we need CraftGym in Sac. I wonder if they would consider having a sister location here?

Queen Puff Puff said...

Hi lady! It was great to see you at CraftCon. Fabulous writeup about the event.

See you at BazBiz. I think we are next to each other. Yay!

Bossa Nova Baby said...

Hey! Nice to meet you too - and we would love to have you come up to Portland for a visit and to sell at Crafty Wonderland. Just drop us a line when you want to come!
I'll be at Maker Faire selling...hope to see you there!

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