Bead Simple is now available!

Bead Simple is out today!
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I forgot to tell you that Susan Beal's jewelry-making book Bead Simple is now available for purchase. I tend to shy away from beading books (1) because I have so many and (2) because I am a lazy beader and usually don't care to try new techniques. In this case, however, I will make an exception! I just love Susan Beal, plus the book includes projects from some kick-ass guest designers - like Jennifer Perkins and Jenny Ryan.

There's also a blog to go along with the book so you can get a little sneak peak of what projects await you!

I'll be sure to post my review, once I have the book in my hot little hands!


Moxieville said...

I'm tagging the "lazy beader." :) You've been on my tag list Amy, and now you're done tagged too! :)

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