Things I've been meaning to blog about...

So many talented crafters, and so little time! I owe these ladies some bloggy love!

Lauren of Speckled Hen has been posting a tutorial a week and even though she just started, she's got some great ones! I absolutely love her chicklet tutorial. I think even I could sew this!


I received this adorable paper tree from Debie of Pink Petunia, www.thepinkpetunia.blogspot.com She has a better photo on her own blog, but I wanted to show where I placed it on my desk.

Paper Tree

I just love this Hello Kitty hat made by Stacy of www.boutonblue.etsy.com


What a talented bunch!


Sacred Snatch said...

Lauren's tutorial's rawk! She has me thinking, what kind of tutorial can I do next!

I'll be checking out those others. Good looking out, Amy!

Pink Petunia Designs said...

Thanks so much for the nice words. I appreciate it and that looks so cute on your desk!

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