Pimp my bunny

That Bitter Betty, she never ceases to amaze me. Have you seen her Pimp my bunny tutorial yet? OMG, you have to. I didn't know chocolate bunnies could be so stinking cute.

pimp my bunny

pimp my bunny

Unless you are talking about my chocolate soap bunnies, of course!

chocolate soap bunny

chocolate soap bunny

chocolate soap bunny

Did I not blog about these yet? Man, I stink. Well, they are only $8 and if you buy one now you can still get it in time for Easter. They are great for diabetics and people who are dieting. Just please don't eat!

And since we are on the topic of Easter, here's something you can eat.

bunny cakes

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speckledhen said...

Those bunny cakes are the cutest! I love their little marshmallow tails :)

MC said...

That's SOAP? Wow, it's making me salivate. I'm not sure whether to bathe myself with it or eat it.

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