Everything you need to know before you do your first (or second or third) craft show

I just came across an incredibly helpful article on craft shows by Sarah of the Small Object.

I would say that her goals for inventory and sales are a little optimistic for shows that I've done. But, then again, you have to remember that the Small Object is pretty well known at this point (I've seen her site in several magazines, books, blogs, etc.) and since people are familiar with her work, that makes them want to buy all the more (not to mention Sarah's products are super-cute). The article is still really helpful - both for craft fair virgins and seasoned veterans. Just don't be disheartened if you don't make 10 to 20 times the booth fee right away. Especially if it's a $100+ show! Still, it's also nice to see how much someone else expects to make at a show - I have much higher goals now!

Be sure to click on the links she gives, because there are some great ones in there.

While we are on the subject of craft shows, I have something to throw out there. I always thought it was good to have inexpensive items to cover the cost of your booth because I normally sell more of those and therefore make more money off of them. I try to offer a variety of items from $12 and under. Sometimes I have magnets for as little as $1. They sell really well and I know that sometimes people want to buy a little piece of your work but maybe they can't afford to buy a pricier item - or maybe they've already spent their wad and only have a few bucks left. But now I'm wondering if those inexpensive items take away from my nicer products? Maybe a fan of my work would have purchased that $15 or $20 item, but they saw the $3 item and bought that instead? Please share your experiences! I'm in the process of creating my new line and I'm still deciding if I need to find a new "filler" item. Thanks in advance!


julie said...

although i'm not a crafter myself, i find that i'm one of those $3 shoppers. i attend craft fairs with the thought that i'll buy presents for other people but usually end up wanting to buy everything for myself. thus i end up buying a few smaller items - one for me, one for a friend, etc. i generally don't buy larger/pricier things right away - if i really crave something i'll be sure the nab the biz card of a vendor and try to contact them later. so - don't get rid of the smaller priced items, please!

Peptogirl said...

oh good, thanks for the feedback. that helps!

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