What's old is new again

...well...sort of. My theme for this year is organization. And I just got my new iMac on Sunday so I have a nice, clean slate to start with. If only I could keep it that way!!! But I am getting there. I finally went through my gmail account and cleaned out the old, unwanted emails that I had failed to delete since 2005. Yikes. I know, you don't HAVE to delete old emails with gmail, but I found having 2,000+ emails in my inbox oddly distracting. But now I am down to a whopping 60 and I plan to organize those with neat little labels and such so I can find them later, if I need them.

While filtering through all those emails, I cam across a few things that you might be interested in:

Cute Blogs:

How to sew even corners

Vintage picture frame bracelet how-to

How to make matchbook notebooks

Cute vintagy, DIY, and handmade items

Vegan cupcakes
(I'm not vegan myself, but I have a newly vegan friend so I'm happy to have found this site!)

So now what's old news to me is new news to you!


jeanetta said...

great collection of links!

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