Post #300! And a cupcake party.

I know, I know...you're thinking, again?! Didn't you just have a 300th post like a couple of months ago? Well, yeah...sort of. See, according to Blogger, I had 300 posts on November 28th but then after my supposed 300th post, my numbers went down to two-hundred-and-something. How can that be? I do not know. Perhaps the monkeys that work inside Blogger, counting up posts got tired and made a mistake. Or perhaps some of my posts were lost somewhere in cyberspace. Perhaps Blogland deemed them boring and swallowed them whole. I do not know. All I know is that I have slowly been working my way to 300 posts (for the second time) and now I'm there. Who knows how many posts it will be tomorrow.

It is apparent that the request I made in the last 300th post was a bit daunting to people. Well, fine, this time you can leave me a comment about anything you like. Next Sunday at noon PST I will draw a random name and whoever gets chosen gets a little bag of crafty goodness.

So, now on to the good stuff. Lauren had a little cupcake swapping party at her house today. Her house is too stinkin' cute. There were lots of yummy non-cupcake snacks and punch to get started. Then the tasting and swapping began!

We're all supposed to blog our recipes, so here it goes. I used the Amy Sederis cupcake recipe, which you can find on her website. Or, alternatively, you can find it in her book, Hospitality Under the Influence, which I reviewed in a previous post: http://peptogirl.blogspot.com/2007/07/i-like-you.html.


I baked the cake inside flat-bottom ice cream cones. Bake at 325 degrees for 20-30 minutes and be careful not to fill the cone too full with cake batter because it will expend and overflow over the top. I used Amy's recipe for vanilla cupcakes and buttercream frosting. Then I split the batter (and frosting) into thirds. I added strawberry flavoring and red food coloring to one-third of the batter and frosting. I added cocoa powder to another third of the frosting and batter. The last third I left plain. Then I poured a tiny bit of each batter into the cones for a neapolitan effect. I frosted using a large star tip and finished with yummy sprinkles.


Claire won the best tasting contest with her chocolate chai cupcakes. It was a tough choice because they were all so yummy. Claire actually tied with Tamie (who made yummy lemonade cupcakes) but a quick name draw by Lauren's daughter made Claire the winner. I was also really impressed with Melissa's vanilla cupcakes. I usually prefer something chocolately but Melissa's cupcakes hit the spot (and I love how she incorporated her craft by making a quilting design on each one). I was also really impressed with Missy's black & white cupcakes - especially because she keeps claiming that she doesn't bake! Her little hand stamped cupcake toppers were adorable too. And then there was Lauren, who, being the hostess, was ineligible for the prizes but her black-bottom peanutbutter cupcakes were oh-so-yummy and cute!







I was excited to have won for best decorated - yay! I am especially excited because I just adore Lauren's sewn creations and I got a little bag with a cupcake on it that she made herself! Inside were some cute pink and red dish towels and a pink batter scraper thingy (um, is that what you call them???). Then we each brought baggies of crafty goodness to exchange with the other guests (see the little spool doll from Missy, below. Super-cute!).







More photos:

Now I'm going to leave you drooling so I can start getting ready for bed. Happy 300th post everyone!


Anonymous said...

Oh my. Those are some yummmmmmy cupcakes. Thank goodness I'm on the treadmill; no calories gained! Congrats on reaching 300 again!

Ms. Amy said...

aren't those sweeties cute?!? And, I love the heart print fabric, that is too sweet. Congrats on your 300th post!!

speckledhen said...

Congratulations on your 300th, Amy! Thanks for coming yesterday..it was such fun. Although I'm a little hung over from my sugar crash!

missy said...

I love your pics! They turned out great! I'm a little behind, and haven't uploaded mine yet! You totally deserved best decorated, and I'm glad you won, because that cupcake tote was SCREAMING your name :)

Jennifer said...

Oh that looks like so much fun! I love cupcakes. Congrats on your 300th post.

Rain said...

That looks like so much fun! I wish I could have been there! Happy 300!

Pookie Tookie Diary said...

Such i cute blog i love those ice cream cupcakes :D

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