DIY Portland

Remember how I was thinking of visiting Portland? I have heard that POrtland is a pretty crafty town, but I decided to do some research anyway, and this is what I found:


Portland has this really great DIY Alert site that is devoted to telling readers all about local crafty DIY goodness. One of my favorite features is the Crafty Map of Portland because you get a whole list of craft places. So far, the Button Emporium & Ribbonry, The Museum of Contemporary Craft, Paperdoll, Knitten' Kitten, Dava Bead and Trade, SCRAP, Frock, Crafty Wonderland, DIY Lounge, Refind Fashion, and VooDoo Donut, just to name a few. It's not a long list now, is it?

P.S.) VooDoo Donut used to have a Pepto Bismol donut, but the VDA shut that one down because you aren't allowed to put medicine in food. Dang, that would have been a perfect photo opp for my blog. Oh well. Maybe I'll order a Memphis Mafia instead.


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