The Circle of Crafts

I am continually impressed with the close knit relationships that I find in the crafting world. It's so fun how we're all sort of intertwined in some way or another. For instance, Yoli of Sacred Snatch is a founding member of the Sacramento Craft Mafia. We met at the very first meeting and I am so glad to have met her! Yoli is extremely talented and also knows how to throw a kick-butt party (don't know why I am sensoring myself cause I wrote about the Big Ass Book of Crafts a few posts ago). lol.

Anway, I just found out that Yoli has a brand-spanking-new blog and I wanted to share at http://sacredsnatch.blogspot.com. On top of that, I am also super-jealous because Yoli KNOWS one of my crafty idols, Kathy Cano-Murillo of Crafty Chica. How COOL is that? I have blogged about the Crafty Chica at least few times (if you don't believe me, click here for proof). But what's even better is that Yoli has booked herself a vacation on the Crafty Chica's crafty cruise. I am green with envy. I think I'm going to start saving up for next year.

Back to my previous topic, I love how each crafter seems to be linked in one way or another. It seems like if you don't know one crafter than you atleast know someone else who knows them (by "know" I mean virtually by blog, forum, or myspace, if not in person). Don't believe me? Start clicking around in crafty blogland and don't be surprised if you end up back where you started...or who knows...you may even end up back at your own site!


Sacred Snatch said...

lol, Wow,
Thanks for the plug girly, I really do appreciate the kind words! No worries about the cruise. You KNOW I will take a gang of pictures and blog the heck out of it too. You will feel like you are there.

Ok, on the DL, Kathy told me her plans for the next cruise! OMG, it is going to be muey Bomba! Start saving now!

You are right about what a small world it really is in the DIY Crafty community. I have met some amazing chicas including you!

Cheers to all of us!
Yoli ::goes and reads your previous posts::

Audrey said...

Really nice blog post. I too have found that it can sometimes be a very small world.

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