Small Business Tips Straight from the Naughty Secretary Herself!

I've been trying to write more posts with crafty business advice because (1) I want to share my knowledge and experience with other crafters, and (2) I want to get more serious about running my own business.

I am a big fan of Jennifer Perkins so I check her site and blog on a regular basis. I noticed that she recently posted some great small business tips. Jennifer writes on several of the topics and tips that I have been writing about lately, but she also includes a few things that I didn't think of. Jennifer mentions a book called CRAFT, Inc. which I absolutely love and would recommend to any crafter trying to start up a small business.

P.S.) I wrote a short review of the book in a previous post.

Check out the Naughty Secretary's small business post here. And check my blog for upcoming tips & tricks!


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