Wow, the bead business is good. I've gotten several orders in the last week...but they were all for beads and charms! I have been joking that I'm going to stop making stuff and just sell all my beads. lol. But then, last night, I suddenly became very possessive of my beads. My beads! Not yours! You can't have them! I am wondering how hard it is to make your own beads...I mean, I know how you go about making beads from glass or polymer clay. And I'd like plan to start diving into resin casting (though I'm not sure how you'd go from casting cameos to making an actual 3-D bead with a hole)...but how do you make lucite beads??? Do I need a factory? I think I should buy a bead factory and start making reproductions of vintage lucite beads. What do you think???

The other thing I did this weekend was watch WAY too many episodes of What Not To Wear. I swear, the government should force the public to watch several episodes of this show. Not only would a good percentage of the population dress better but I think it would stimulate the economy. When I sat down to watch, I was perfectly happy with the clothing in my closet. By the time I was done, I was convinced that I should throw out the entire contents of my closet and spend $5,000 on a new wardrobe in 3 days. lol. Only, no one here is offering me a free Visa gift card with $5,000 on it. So I guess I'm stuck with the clothes I've got. I even went so far as to day-dream what Stacy and Clinton would say about my wardrobe. I can hear Stacy complaining that I dress like a third-grader while holding up a top with hearts printed all over it. Well, maybe I don't want to grow up. On the other hand, I have been dressing like a slob lately. I could at least do some laundry.

Lastly, I have been thinking about going to Oregon. Okay, I haven't been thinking about it long, the idea just occurred to me last night. I have an uncle, aunt and cousins that live there and I think it would be fun to visit. Maybe my uncle could take me camping or fishing. Being with nature is good for the crafty-self. And while I'm up there, I think I'd like to see Portland. Portland seems like a pretty crafty town, doesn't it? Has anyone ever been? Do you have any recommendations for things I should see???


Melissa H said...

hey, just got back from portland this morning with by best friend and we spent most of the time at craft places--check out her recent posts: http://waitingfornaptime.blogspot.com

Christina said...

omg! matt and i want to go to portland, too!!!!!!

we should drive up together :]

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