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Remember how I kept promising to post about handmade Christmas gifts and swaps I'd received? Well, I have a few things to show...better late than never, right???

So, first thing is that I traded Melissa a bit of web work for a couple of new laundry bags. I have these two cheap hampers from Ikea. The bags were plastic so of course they ripped. I picked out some fabric that I thought would go in my apartment and Melissa sewed these wonderful hamper bags (attached with Velcro so you can remove the bag and take it to the laundry room). These photo does not do the hamper bag justice. Marshmallow would not stop jumping in the bag and therefore, he pulled it off the stand a bit but here it is anyway (I promise better photos will follow):

Ikea Hamper Re-Do



Then, Darryl REALLY spoiled me this year because on top of everything else, he got me the cookie jar I wanted from Fruit Fly Pie (so my digital letter to Santa really DID work). Look how cute it looks with all my pretty red appliances:

Red Kitchen & Cupcake

And then super-sweet Lauren of Speckled Hen sent me the owl I had been wanting, along with his cute little kitty friend. Don't they look sweet?

Kitchen/ Dining Room

Owl & Kitty

Owl & Kitty

Oh, and I forgot to take a picture of the exact one that I got (he's now safely packed away for next year) but I traded Missy for one of these adorable fleece trees with the pink cheeks (Missy and I are forever making trades):

Baz Biz SF

There are still a couple of things I have yet to take pictures of. Sophia of Simply Strands recently made me a pink, white, and black bracelet in the colors of the Sacramento Craft Mafia. I love it! And my Aunt Cathy made knitted me a really pretty scarf for Christmas! She had seen the event program for IndieSacramento, with the article on why you should give handmade gifts and she decided to knit scarves for me and my sister. They are super-cute and fancy and mine is pink - of course! I've been wearing it quite a bit but no photos yet.

I'm sure there are some other things that I left out, but I'll just have to post those later. It took me this long after the holidays...what's a few more days, right?


dawnkristine said...

Thank you tons for sharing!

speckledhen said...

The owl and pussycat look so happy in their new home!! Hope they are behaving and helping out in the kitchen. Love all the red!

upstateLisa said...

Love those red appliances!!!!

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