Shrinky Dinky Keychain Tutorial

So I was logging in to Blogger and I noticed that it now mysteriously says I have like 266 posts - not over 300 as it said previously......what's going on here?! Don't tell me I have to go through and count them myself. And gee, I hope none of my posts got erased! That would suck! But what if I never really had 300 posts to begin with??? I made such a big deal about my 300th post...Hmmm...well, I supposed you will never know, will you? If I tell you I posted 300 times than you'll believe me, won't you? Maybe Blogger is confused. Maybe it can't count. Maybe the number of posts is just some random number.

Oh well, back to the original reason that I came here to blog. I just saw this super-cute keychain tutorial in NEET Magazine. Yes, it's really...neet! Haha, sorry I know I've used that joke like every time I post about NEET magazine. I just can't help it.

Anyway, back to the tutorial, it's super easy and I bet those keychains would make great holiday gifts! Especially for those people on your list like bosses and co-workers!

NEET Shrink Dink tute

Head on over to NEET Magazine for the full-size version!


Mary said...

Those ARE super neat! LOL!

Ya, not sure what's up with Blogger. I've been less than impressed with their new comment form.

Mary @ Confessions of a Craft Addict

Melissa Haworth said...

Hey, good timing, I was already on the way to the store to buy shrinky dink for an ornament project :)

Christina said...

i know--it's not like they have squirrels counting and re-counting the posts, do they? suckers.

those are so cute! we should have a craft day. maybe they'll turn out beter than those spray painted jump rings. lol.

Peptogirl said...

haha. yeah, those jump rings were kind of a mess, weren't they?

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