Felt Like Knitting

Big News! Felt Like Knitting now has it's own Etsy store! I had the pleasure of meeting Jane at IndieSacramento and absolutely adored her creations.

One of my favorites is this adorable eye glass case. Now you can protect your glasses in style! Work for sunglasses as well!

Felt Like Knitting

And although I'm not a knitter (tried it and forgot how) I really admired her knitting needle cozies. Not only are they gorgous but what a great idea! Now when you are hoping on the bus or if you are just taking your knitting to work with you, you have a nice little protector for your needles while not in use. It'll help keep down the numbers of accidental stabbings (side note: I wonder how often that happens?)!

Felt Like Knitting

Also, be sure to check out Jane's blog: www.janesdesign.blogspot.com.


Jane's Designs said...

Amy, thank you for being so sweet, I appreciate you showcasing me. I'm very excited about opening up the store, any pointers would be appreciated. Good luck with the show this weekend. Take care and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all!!

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