Another Christmas Come & Gone

Another Christmas has come and gone. I didn't really get into it this year. I went all out last year so I guess some years you just have to take it easy. Plus with 3 craft shows lined up in December, I just didn't have the energy. I'm sad that I didn't get to make more than a few holiday cards though. I'm thinking I might still make them and put them away for next year!

For the new year, I am looking forward to taking some time off to do the following things: sleeping, eating, watching lots of movies (as well as seasons 1 and 2 of Lost before the 3rd season starts), and, of course, crafting. I ordered lots of new goodies and can't wait to start the new year with lots of cute new products for spring.

iphoneAnother goal I have for the coming year is to get organized. Right now I am working on cleaning and organizing my apartment (including my craft corner). I recieved a lot of great Christmas gifts that will help with my new clean, organized life! For instance, have you realized how nice it is to make the bed with new, clean sheets? It's wonderful! I also recieved some very cute pjs, slippers, and a robe. And one of those cool cone-shaped Dustbusters! On top of that, Darryl got me an iPhone. Although a very cool "toy" I promise to use it for more than just watching videos on YouTube, but also for organizational purposes! I love the fact that I can sync the calendar with the calendar on my computer - err...well, I COULD if my computer wasn't so old. But I will be replacing my "vintage" G4 with a Mac Mini soon, so no worries! I can also check email on the go. And I can look up directions when I get lost. Super-cool! And stay tuned for photos of the handmade gifts that I recieved.

All in all, I had a pretty good holiday. Now let the resting and relaxation begin!


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