Honey, can we keep her?

Darryl went golfing on Saturday and came home with a kitten. What I think is funny is that he is supposed to be the responsible one. Do you know how many times I've been tempted to bring home a stray animal? But looking at her, I can see why he had to bring her home.


Apparently, golf courses are a breeding ground for stay cats. She is a little scruffy and malnourished but I think we can change that. She seems happy already.

But we can't keep her unless Marshmallow says it's okay...


He's not sure yet...


Christina said...

Aw!!!!! she looks like what bunta and toast's baby would look like....if they weren't fixed. ;)

she's so so cute!

marshmallow is still cute--and still needs a visit from aunti christina. :]

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