I decided to treat myself to a Starbucks today (I know, I know, it's not indie but it's right across the street from my work). Anyway, I noticed that they just put out their holiday decorations and was excited to see that it's red cup season. I was beginning to worry because the Get Made Holiday show is this weekend and the holidays seem so far away...but maybe there is a little holiday cheer in the air afterall.

I'm not the only one that is gearing up for the holidays. Sew,Mama,Sew! is promising 30 days of gifts to sew in the mont of Novbember.

In addition, the Handmade Parade blog is in full-swing for the holidays - featuring terrific gift ideas for him, her, the little ones - and also holiday recipes.

On top of that, you might want to head on over to Missy's Crafty Carnival blog because that's where I got the idea for this post! She's also making these super-cute swag bags for IndieSacramento (which I owe you an update on, btw).

And, lastly, this is my 255th post! That means I am only 5 posts away (or would it be 4?) from my 300th post! That's big news here in Peptogirl Land! I don't know what I'm planning yet but it's going to be big and fun-filled and full of prizes! Um, okay...well...it'll be semi-big with atleast one prize anyway...Stay tuned!


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