I'm baaack.....

Well, I'm not OFFICIALLY back just yet - I still have 2 days of vacation left. But I figured I'd stop by to show you some vacation photos.

Darryl and I had a great time. My only complaint was that it went by too fast! The service at Disneyland and the Paradise Pier hotel was terrific - I got an upgraded room with a view for free (all I did was ask). Everyone was so nice! On our first day there, we were walking through California Adventure where we were given special "Year of a Million Dreams" lanyards with 2 collector pins each. We promptly put them on our necks then headed to lunch at the Taste Pilots' Grill. It's one of those self-serve fast food type restaurants but because of our special lanyards we got VIP service. We sat at the only table with a tablecloth and real silverware and a "reserved" sign. Our food was brought to us and I even got a huge waffle cone sundae for free. We felt a little silly but it was fun.

We picked the perfect time of year to go - the lines were short and we hardly even used Fast Passes. Our favorite rides at California Adventure were California Screamin' (roller coaster), the river rafting ride, and the Tower of Terror. Oh, and the Mailiboomer was pretty cool too. At Disneyland, Pirates of the Caribean is my all-time favorite but I also love Indiana Jones, Space Mountain, and Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters. The Haunted Mansion was all decked out in Nightmare before Christmas decorations which was really a site to see. I was afraid they had ruined in but it was just as cool as ever.

Here's a little sampling of the photos we took... or check out my Flickr account for more.

My creation

Now off to enjoy the last couple of days of rest and relaxation!


Christina said...

welcome back! cute pics!!!!

missy said...

LOL! I just wrote a big rant about how the million dreams thing sucks cause it only pleases 1 out of 500 people! LOL! And you guys got it! You're soooo lucky!!!! I'm so jealous!!!! LOLOL!

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