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So sorry for my lack of posts lately. I have been sicky-sicky and stuck in bed. I suppose that is my punishment for mocking those who get sick in the month of July. I thought it was just some feeble excuse to get out of work in order to go water-skiing. As it turns out, there is a very nasty cold/ flu going around and it finally caught up with me. *sigh*

More impotantly is the reason I decided to put a halt to my posting silence. My good friend and fellow mafista, Melody of Handmade Luck has brought an important issue to my attention - juvenile diabetes.

In 2005, after a three day visit to the Pediatric ICU, Melody's son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Thanks to Melody and our fondness of her now teanage son, the Sacramento Craft Mafia will be participating in this year's Walk for the Cure. You can check the progress of our team at by entering our team name at the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) site: http://walk.jdrf.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=extranet.personalpage&confirmid=86722317.

In addition to the walk, Melody has also established the Sugarcube Society.
The Sugarcube Society is an Etsy shop that was established to help raise funds for research and trials for the cure of type 1 diabetes. All research done to help cure type 1 diabetes, will inevitably help cure type 2 diabetes.

sugarcube society

All proceeds (after etsy and paypal fees) from this shop will go directly towards meeting our team fundraising goal.

If you're interested in donating an item for this shop - or just donating in general, please contact Melody at handmade.luck@yahoo.com. I plan to donate an item so check back soon for an update!


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KARA said...

oh hope you feel better soon
I have contacted Melody to donate a couple of pieces

Peptogirl said...

Thanks, Kara! That's so sweet of you!

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