Re-puposed Sampler Boxes

Marie and the rest of the girls over in Samplerland have been busy re-purposing the new Sampler boxes. The people at Craft magazine got wind and wrote a blog post all abut it! I decided to get in on all the fun.

So here's what I did with my box:

Re-purposed Sampler Box

Re-purposed Sampler Box

Re-purposed Sampler Box

I suppose it's not incredible innovative but it turned out kind of cute. I thought it would make a good gift or treat box (think a dozen home-baked cookies or mini cupcakes). It would also be a great box to store photos and ticket stubs in. Hope you like it!


Mary said...

Ooooh! I like! That would be fun for homemade stationery, too. But that's not as yummy as cupcakes!

katydiddy said...

Did you see the blurb about The Sampler in Mary E's mag? That's really good press! I'm a contributor for August and am super excited!

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