Glitter & Grunge

Glitter & Grunge...hmmm...are we talking about what my coffee table looks like after I'm done with my latest craft project? No silly! We're talking about www.glitterandgrunge.com!

Glitter & Grunge

Glitter & Grunge is a collective of artists that create one original piece of artwork exclusively available on G&G for that particilar month (after the month is over, if the item doesn't sell you might find it on the artist's website). So what's with the name Glitter & Grunge, you might ask? Well, some of the artists make fun, glittery happy works of art - that's "glitter", while others are more on the "grunge" side (think Nightmare Before Christmas style).

G&G is a great marketing tool as well as a great way to connect and network with other artists. It's also a really fun place to shop for UNIQUE and HANDMADE accesories, gifts and collectibles!


Felicia said...

What a great idea! I'll have to check it out.

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