The Sampler

the SamplerIt's been awhile since I've talked about the Sampler. I wonder if I should even launch into an explanation of what the Sampler is, since I think everyone in the crafty world knows by now!

Well, here it is anyway! The Sampler is run by the super-sweet Marie who is an honorary member of the Sacramento Craft Mafia. I say "honorary" because she just recently moved from Sacramento to the bay area. Bad for us, but good for her because there's talk of a whole "Sampler Team" that has something to do with Etsy. I don't know the whole story yet, but you can bet your bottom that there will be some exciting new developments!

I'm lazy so instead of telling you about the Sampler myself, I'm going to post a snippet that I stole from the website!

The Sampler is a super fun marketing & promotional tool for indie businesses. Each month, independent crafters, artists, shops, zines and record labels who run web-based businesses send samples and promotional materials to a contribution pool. All the samples are photographed, posted to the site and then are portioned out, put in little packages and sent off to Sampler Subscribers, other Sampler Contributors and members of the Media all over the world!

So, why am I telling you all this? Well, because Peptogirl Industries is going to be part of the big June/ July Sampler - that's why! I send in all kinds of goodies like button earrings, handmade cards, felt brooches, marble magnets, and much more!

here's a little "sampler" of what I put in my Sampler!



Don't forget to check out the Sampler Contributor Page for more Peptogirl goodness. And stay tuned because once I receive my Sampler, I'll post photos of my favorites!


Raesha D said...

YEAH!! I hope I get something of yours! I literally was stalking the website when subscription time came and I was finally able to get a 3 months sub. I've been trying for months:) In the 4 minutes it took me to check out, it was sold out:):)How cool!

Mary said...

How cool is that?!!

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