This is swap is out of control!

Update: The CUPCAKE SWAP IS OFFICIALLY CLOSED. Thanks to all that signed up!
Cupcake SwapThanks to everyone who blogged about my cupcake swap, I received emails from a whopping 22 swappers! What did I get myself into?! There's just one problem - it's 22 swappers not including myself so I need one more or I'll be stuck without a partner! Any takers? Going once...going twice...? The first person to email me gets in and after that the cupcake swap is cut off.

On another note, I made a little boo-boo on a previous post.

Comment me and in one week (Wednesday, May 18) I will put all the names of all the people who commented me into a hat and I'll draw a winner.

Well, today would be one week from my previous post but it's only the 16th! Yikes. So I'm going to extend this invitation until Friday. My bad!


Jammy said...

awww...I'm too late for the swap :(
but not for the entry! YAY =)


Anonymous said...

I'll swap!!!

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