I have been tagged. Not just by one person, but by three! Tagged by Sarah of P Dot, Claire of Little Lovelies, and by Missy of Mohair Circus.

So now I am forced to tell you 7 weird things about myself...*sigh*

1. I'm a closet Ashley Simpson fan (pre- nose job).
Come on, you know you were singing along to Autobiography and Peices of Me. And you secretly cheered when she died her hair brown. Now she's just like every other dumb blonde, perfect-nosed, celebrity hack. Ashley, if you are reading this, I am very disapointed.

2. I'm afraid of the dark.
I'm not so much afraid of the dark as what is IN the dark.

3. I have a teddy bear named Big Bear that I've had since I was born.
And sometimes I still sleep with him.

4. I have a bad temper.
Can't picture me with a bad temper? Darryl would back me up on this. So would my family. I sometimes yell and cuss at my computer and from what I hear it's pretty scary. If I am mad at a person, I won't neccesarily say anything but they will know that I'm mad. I am a champion ice queen.

5. I want to join the roller-derby.
I love to skate but I hate falling down. In fact, I bought some roller skates on eBay a couple of months ago (I don't need knee pads because I'm not going to fall, I told Darryl). Well, I fell the first time I went out skating and banged up my knee pretty bad and haven't been skating again since. lol.

6. I like dogs more than I like people.
I love animals but especially dogs. If a person dies in a movie, I probably won't cry unless it's a particularly sad scene. If a dog dies, I will bawl my eyes out and will hate that movie forever. It's the same with the news. I especially can't watch Animal Cops. I think that people who neglect their dogs should be tied up in the backyard with no food or water to see how they like it.

7. I have a secret fear of escalators.
I fell on one when I was little and it tried to suck me in. If I remember correctly, it scraped up my knee pretty bad. My dad still teases me about that.

Okay, there you go. Seven weird things about me. Are you scared, yet?


missyballance said...

That is too funny! Gracie was watching Winn Dixie, where the mom DIES and the dog gets lost... and she was ballin her eyes out, so I was all, oh are you sad cause the mom died...and she's all no. The dog got lost and he ran away in the thunder. And I said ya, and it's pretty sad the mom died too right, and she's like ya... but the dog was lost for THREE DAYS! and she kept on about the dog. I know where I stand with her. LOL!

Handmade Dork said...

Amy...there's nothing lurking in the...well, except for maybe Ashlee Simpson's old nose and hungry escalators. ;)

And, Missy, that is precisely the reason I don't own dogs.

Megan Udell said...

I'm with your on the roller derby (ouch, poor knee!) and the escalator thing. My dad used to tell me my flip-flops would get caught and suck me in. I still wear sneakers to the mall. I think he just hates flip-flops, though.

Felicia said...

I've gotta agree with you about dogs on TV. If anything bad happens to them I'll change the channel in a second. I love those little four legged cuties too much! In addition to the animal cop shows I could never watch the animal vet shows where horrid things happen.


p.s. I still sleep with my teddy too :)

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