The Cupcake Swap is ending!

Cupcake swappers - don't forget that tomorrow (June 1st) is the dealine for mailing out your swap goodies! I think this will be a really fun one!

Doing this swap made me realize that there is a serious lack of baking supplies available in the Sacramento area. Has anyone else noticed that - or is it just me?

I did find a couple of super cute cupcake related posts on Softies Central, however. Check out the Cupcakes with faces post and the Cake for breakfast post.

I'll create a Flickr group for photos in the next couple of days (I seem to have hit my "free account" limit so I suppose it's time to upgrade). As soon as the photos start rolling in I'll post them here too!

Yay for cupcakes!


katydiddy said...

I am so sad that I just came across your blog now-what a great swap! Think of my next time, k?

KARA said...

Oh I know I realised was 1st this morning mine will probably be posted tomorrow, baking supplies for cupcakes are hard in the UK.
Can't wait to see all piccy's
Amy - thanks so much for hosting this swap.

Jammy said...

This is fabulous, thanks so much!!!

My swap went out on Saturday, but will be rec'd on June 11th since it's a good distance away.

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