Baz Biz and the Maker Faire '07

Baz Biz and the Maker Faire were SO much fun! There were tons of great classes, tutorials, and workshops. And I got to meet so many great crafters from all over the U.S. I'll be blogging about my favorites this week and next (which includes just about everybody). What a great show! I got tons of free 1" buttons, plus Jenn and I left with arm-fulls of free yarn from Lion Brand Yarn. Score!

In addition, we got to meet some members of our sister groups, the San Francisco Craft Mafia and the New Orleans Craft Mafia.

Check out my Flickr account for more photos. And stay tuned for my tute on how to make your own iron-on patches!


KARA said...

wow - that looks so great, I am so jealous we have nothing like that in the UK.

Great Job

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