Peptogirl Demo'n it up at Baz Biz

Baz BizBig news! SCM is going to be at Baz Biz in May! But not only is SCM going to be there and not only will I be there to help represent SCM, but I will also be there doing presentations on how to make your own iron-on patches! There is going to be a whole craft expo this time with tons of vendors AND demonstrations. And the people who are planning Baz Biz and the Maker Faire want to give the demos a "big comfy couch" feel - kind of like learning how to knit from your best friend.

I'm totally excited but at the same time, what was I thinking?! I guess I'd better start preparing for my big debut. You never know - one of the DIY producers might be there and they might like me so much that they offer me my very own show! Haha. A girl can dream, right?

For those of you who don't know, Baz Biz (short for Bazaar Bizarre) is a national craft bizarre that happens once a year in Boston, Los Angeles, Cleveland, and San Francisco. It's a really exciting show with crafting big-wigs such as Leah Kramer (the mastermind behind Craftster.org and Greg Der Ananian (the author of Bazaar Bizarre: Not Your Granny's Craft Book).

Baz Biz will be held in conjunction with the Maker Faire in S.F. This year it will be held Saturday May 19 & Sunday May 20 at the San Mateo Fair Grounds.

Check out www.bazaarbizarre.org/sanfrancisco.html for more info!


Sarah said...

That's so exciting, congrats!

missyballance said...

ooohhhh! I wanna know how to do an iron patch! Too cool!

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