Softie Awards!

UPDATE: Missy's Penelton Panda won in the "Best Bear or Bunny" catagory! Congrats, Missy! Check out the winners at www.softiescentral.typepad.com/softie_awards/.


Great news! My friend and fellow mafista, Missy has been nominated for TWO Softie Awards!

Penelton Panda

Penelton Panda by Missy Ballance

Go vote for Penelton Panda and check out all the other super-cute softies at www.softiescentral.typepad.com/softie_awards/.


missyballance said...

awww! Thanks for the plug! I can't believe how cute all the stuff is tho... I won't be dissapointed if I don't win just because it is so cute!!

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