Celebrate National Craft Month

National Craft Month

Did you know that March is National Craft Month? Well now you do!

I actually learned that it is almost National Craft Month through a craft store ad - sad, huh? So I googled it to get some more info and mostly found information telling me to go spend money at my local craft store! lol. They get enough of my money year-round! I also didn't think the web site or banners were very "cool" so I made my own (above)!

Celebrate National Craft Month the Peptogirl way by learning at least one new craft. I plan to (finally) learn how to crochet.

What else can you do to celebrate? You could pick up a new craft magazine for ideas. There's Adorn, ReadyMade, CraftZine, plus Venus and Bust usually include some awsome craft projects. You can also check out many of the crafty books that I have recommended in previous posts.

If you are looking for free inspiration (I don't know if your local library is "cool" enough to carry the resources above), you can also check out some great crafty blogs and forums: Craftster.org, the CraftZine blog, Adorn blog, ReadyMade blog, Get Crafty, or my personal favorite, Handmade & Homebaked (you are already here! Haha).

Happy crafting and Happy National Craft Month! Feel free to leave some comments about how you plan to celebrate!


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