Sacramento - Do you have a crafty business?

It's not official yet (we have to be approved first) but a few of us (Sacto crafters) have been talking about starting a group for crafty business owners. So, if you own a crafty business, live in the Sacramento area, and want to network, then drop me a line!

You should also check out the Craft Mafia web site at www.craftmafia.com. I can't believe Sacramento doesn't have one yet! Well, that'll all be fixed soon. Keep your eyes peeled for an update!


Melissa said...

Hey, I don't have a crafty business (yet?) but would like to get more connected with other crafty folk in sactown. Love what Austin Craft Mafia and others have done! Keep me in the loop if you would :) Thanks! http://underconstructionblog.typepad.com

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