Last Christmas Post (well, for awhile anyway)

I can't believe I fit 10 people in my little one-bedroom apartment on Christmas Eve! I had a blast and I think I've finally got rid of the hostess-bug. I remember how we used to call my Aunt the "hostess with the mostess." LOL. I'm not sure if I quite lived up to that title but I was happy with how everything came out. Here's a few pics from the big day:

My old-fashioned tinsel tree. This is an original - it came from my Grams. The ornaments came from the $1 section at Target. In fact, most of my ornaments, decorations, and gift-wrapping came from the $1 section at Target, the Dollar Tree, or the 99Cent Clearance Center. And, of course, I made a lot of things too.

Here's my tree, squished between a loveseat and sofa and bogged down by a ton of ornaments. Poor tree!

Christmas Eve feast

Complete with a Christmas ham!

Happy New Year!


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