The Cupcake Courier

A wonderful product was just brought to my attention - the cupcake courier! How many times have you struggled to find ways to safely transport cupcakes to work, to your child's school, or to a family function? Bake sales? Forget about it! With the cupcake courier, you can transport up to 36 lovely cupcakes or muffins. No more upside-down cupcakes on the floor of your car (yes, this has actually happened to me) and no more icky frosting mess! Now your pefectly frosted cupcakes will arrive at the party looking just as cute as they did when they left! Just add sprinkles and go!

To get one of these lovely treasures, visit http://www.cupcakecourier.com/.


Christina said...

hey how cool!!!!! i love your pretty n pink cupcakes. :)

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