Handmade Christmas Gifts

Christmas is finally over and now that everyone has opened their gifts, I think it's safe to give you a little peak at what I made this year. I hope you like them!

A mousepad for my grandma who likes frogs & toads. I hand-painted a white mousepad (from Ikea) using acrylic paint. It says "Have I toad you that I love you lately?"

I made this knitting bag for my cousin to hold her kneedles and yarn. Since my sewing skills aren't the greatest yet, I used a plain black canvas bag that I purchased at a craft store. I sewed the "pocket" on my machine, with a few skinny pockets to hold needles. I also made my own needles with wooden dowels, polymer clay, and paint. The stich markers are made from hoop earrings and beads.

A mult-strand horse necklace for my cousin who loves horses.

My sister loved the original necklace, but it sold so I had to whip up another. Isn't this vintage boy & girl cute?

I made scarves for my younger cousins. Actually, I bought fleece scarves from Old Navy, then I made my own appliques using felt. I ironed them on using interfacing then stitched on some embroidery thread for a finishing touch.

These coasters were for a college-age boy cousin. I tried to re-create that rockabily style that he likes. These are made with square mirrors. I cut the shapes out of contact paper, then stuck the shapes to the glass and etched the reverse shape using etching cream. If you are interested, you can find plenty of etching tutorials on craftster.org.

And finally, a pocka-dot monster for my youngest cousin! Isn't he cute?

Other gifts include homemade banana and crannberry bread and tins of assortated home-baked cookies. Stay tuned to see photos of all the cookies I baked!


Anonymous said...

I also love the vintage boy & girl necklace with the pink ribbon! Its so girlie nostalgic! ;) I miss beading with you at the coffee shops! :( I also miss reading crafty beading books....

Buzz said...

Amy, you're so freakin' crafty...I'm in awe of your blog and your many talents!

handmade luck

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