I'm a winner

Thanks to Shamma Shoes, I now have an un-broken heart! All I did was sign up for the Shammashoes.com Trend Sheet Newsletter and I was automatically entered into all Shammashoes.com giveaways. Whoot!

Shamma Shoes is a great site for catching up on all the latest fashion trends. The site also prides itself on featuring up-and-coming indie designers. In fact, the site even has a link to Peptogirl Industries - that proves that they have good taste!

So...what did I win, you ask? It just so happens that I won an unbrokenheart necklace from unbrokenheart.com

What is the unbrokenheart all about?

There is an old proverb which states that after a heart has been broken, it is truly wise, compassionate and whole. This is the foundation behind the concept of the unbrokenheart. Healing a broken heart may be difficult, uncomfortable and seem an insurmountable task... but when you embrace the process, you will see the beauty of your unbrokenheart.

The necklace came beautifully wrapped - it would make a wonderful gift for anyone who's heart may need a little mending. Too bad for you guys though because I plan to keep mine all to myself!


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