Hello Kitty Birthday

Here's one of the prezzies I made for Priscila's birthday:
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Hello Kitty Guitar Picks - aren't they cute?! I have a limited number of these picks left, so if you are a Hello Kitty lover, you'd better get your order in fast! Only available in Sterling Silver. $16 per pair.

Below is my best attempt at Hello Kitty Cupcakes, also for P's birthday.
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Next time, I think I need to add whiskers and use a different recipe for the frosting. I made a basic white cake, but added in strawberry jello and chopped up strawberry peices. The frosting is a mixture of vanilla pudding, milk, strawberry flavoring, and Cool Whip. The recipe was good (it made very dense, muffin-like cupcakes), but the Cool Whip frosting caused the brown and yellow M&Ms to bleed! Poor Hello Kitty looked like she was crying - with a runny nose :( Oh well, part of baking and crafting is learning from your mistakes, right?

The Hello Kitty cupcakes originated from:

Too Cute to Eat
Originally uploaded by traoki. Posted on Cupcakes Take the cake (Everything you ever wanted to know about cupcakes from true cupcake fans, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Alizinha and Nichelle).


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