Yummy Potato Salad

Spring is coming - or is here, rather. You wouldn't know it because of all this rain. Anyway, it's getting to be the time for BBQs and family get-togethers. And potato salad is always a big crowd pleaser. Everybody makes their's a little differently and I don't actually have a recipe for mine. I just keep adding ingredients until I'm happy with the taste!

1. Boil potatoes (I usually do a 5 lb. bag) until you can stick them easily with a fork. You can peel them ahead of time, but the skins come right off after they have been cooked so I usually wait until after to peel them. After the potatoes are cooled and peeled, cut into chunks.

2. Add ingredients as desired. I use a small food processor to chop up the onion, pickles, and celery. it's easier and the smaller peices make for a yummier salad. Here is my list of ingredients:

* mayo
* mustard
* dill pickles
* celery
* green onion
* red onion
* olives
* dill pickle juice (instead of vinegar which I don't like much)
* chopped, hard-boiled eggs

3. Add salt, pepper, and paprika to taste. YUM!


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