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I gave you a review of my fav crafting books, so now it's time for a DIY zine review!

I recently discoverd Bust magazine. Sure, it's a feminist magazine, but don't let the "f" word scare you off! Besides the fact that feminism is a good thing, the magazine is far from man-hating. Each issue is packed with tidbits of info that EVERY girl should know! For instance, there are articles on how to un-clog a toilet, how to hang your own shelves, and how to promote yourself and your business. Girl Wide WebI particulary enjoy the crafting articles and DIY instructions. It's like Cosmo for smart chicks. Great mag!

An added bonus: the she-comerce listings on Bust's website. Find Peptogirl Industries here! Girl Power!

I also recently found out about Venus magazine. It's similar to Bust, but a little less edgy - in a good way. I've only read one issue so far, but I thought the crafting & DIY articles were great. If fact, I'm currently working on a vintage pillowcase shrug from the Spring 2006 issue. The only bad thing about this mag - it's published quarterly so you have to wait quite awhile for the next issue!

One of my long time favorites: Readymade magazine. It's described as "a bi-monthly magazine for people who like to make stuff." Readymade is "a little less crafty, a little more DIY" but it's innovative and thrifty all the same. Each issue is packed with instructions and ideas. Issue 22, for instance, has step-by-step instructions on the different methods of print-making. This is an especially good mag for people who live in small spaces and like to make their own furniture and decor. Equally as good as the magazine (maybe more so) are the Readymade Forums and the newly added Readymade Blog. So go check it out already!


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