SELLOUT BUYOUT March '06 - A Success!

SELLOUT BUYOUT was a success! I think I finally found the right audience and there was a contant flow of people. A big thanks to Olivia of Olipom for organizing the event! (Also, check out the Sellout Buyout and Fool's Foundation pages). If you missed it, don't worry! Mark your calendars for the next Sellout Buyout on June 10th!

There was a good variety of awsome designers. I ended up buying a hoodie from Pretty Trashy and a cute little owl pouch from my friend at Heyday Fashion.

A big thanks to my friends, family, and co-workers for your support and to my boyfriend, Darryl, for bringing me more change after a frantic phone call. Oh - and a big thanks to all my customers, of course

Hope to see everyone at the next event! Stay tuned!


Neesy said...

Aw, you look cute! I forgot my camera, I wanted to take a pic of my booth too.

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