Hey, Bunny-cakes

Recipe for My Infamous "Bunny Cakes"

Here's an Easter treat guaranteed to please! I make this every year.

Bake 1 cake, but pour it into 2 round cake pans. You can use any flavor of cake you want, boxed mix or from scratch.

When the cakes are cooled, you need to remove them from the pans, very carefully! Make sure you butter & flour the pans good in order to do this. Then, cut each circle in half, right down the middle.

Put frosting on the flat side of one of the halves. Take the other half and place it on top (so you basically have a half of a double layer cake...then you...hmmm...how to explain...place the half cake on a big plate or tray (you can put lettuce or candy down on the plate as a garnish if you want) but you don't put it on the plate the way a normal cake lays. Instead, the flat part of the cake (where you cut the pieces in half) goes down on the plate so that you have an arch coming up from the plate. Repeat with the other side of the cake. I really wish I could find the pictures from last year!

Then you frost them - I usually do white frosting and add pink food coloring after frosting the first cake (to make one a girl bunny, hehe).

Lastly, cut ears out of white construction paper (I usually cut pink centers for the ears out of pink paper and glue them onto the white). you stick the ears in the top of the cakes (imagine the two funny cakes are bunnies and decide where their heads/faces will be). Ad jellybean eyes, a nose, a frosting mouth, and a big marshmallow for the tail!


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