Last weekend was GOOD

I was lucky enough to attend the Good: street food + design market this Sunday. It was a really cool event that I'd love to somehow be a part of in the future.

GOOD: street food + design market
(I learned the hand on the hip trick from a recent How to take flattering pics post on the Benefit blog.)

If you are local, and you'd like to read more about the market, check out my post on the IndieSacramento blog.

The rest of my weekend (and week) have been spent doing last minute prep for my sister's wedding shower this weekend. I was hoping to share more photos of the process but this week has just been CRAZY. You'll see...

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, the dress is Jessica Simpson, purchased from Ross.


Get Your Party On Round-Up

1. Mexican Inspired Florals
2. "He Makes My Heart Glow" Neon Bridal Shower
3. Colorful Backyard DIY Wedding
4. Fresh Sea Breeze Gender Neutral Baby Shower

I want to add a new feature to the blog - a weekly round-up of my favorite parties from blogland and Pinterest. I'm not quite sure what to call it. Any suggestions? I am always up for something punny!

All I really want...

To sum up my diet and exercise plan last week: I could have done better. It was one of those weeks when I avoided the scale. I looked down at the scale today, decided that the number was going to be bad - better not look - just try harder next week. I ignored my own warning (I always do) and was ecstatic (and confused) to see that I had dropped 4 more pounds. Perhaps my body really was tired and hungry (for carbs) like it had been telling me. Go figure. Two lessons I need to work on: (1) listen to my body and (2) be patient, weight loss takes time.


Get Real

I really liked the Things I’m Afraid to Tell You initiative that was spread around the blog-o-sphere by Jess from Make Under My Life and EZ from Creature Comforts. I think that it was a very positive way to deal with a major issue in the blogging realm. Instead of calling people out, a huge collection of bloggers took a step back, took a look at themselves, and did something POSITIVE to try to make a change within the blogging community.

There are some people in the blogging community who, on the other hand, are bringing up a very similar issue, but in not such a positive way.

The argument is that certain lifestyle bloggers always appear so perfect on their blogs that they make everyone else feel bad for not being so perfect. Although a little true, I think it’s also a little silly. Believe me, I have been known to bear some major insecurities for some really ridiculous reasons. Like one Christmas I bawled my eyes out because I couldn’t get the sugar cookies right. I literally thought I ruined Christmas. I can laugh about it now.

I guess there are some blogs that are meant to portray reality and some that are meant to be an escape from reality. Personally, I like the escape from reality blogs. I like seeing the pretty AFTER photos that inspire me to make the little corners of my life prettier. I don’t want to see massive piles of dirty laundry or the huge mess that was made while creating that pretty DIY – I can see all of that at my own place!

I know that those pretty lifestyle blogs aren’t 27/7 reality. I realize that bloggers clean their homes before a home tour. I do. I know that sometimes those bloggers occasionally wear 3 day old jeans and put their hair in  ponytail. I do. And I can’t criticize them for not portraying realistic body types to the public because (1) those are their real bodies and (2) if I want more realistic body types in blogland then I’d better start setting the example by sharing more photos of myself.

I’m not saying I never get caught up in the perfectness of it all. Sometimes I do feel like I don’t measure up. Sometimes I have unrealistic expectations of myself. But it’s one of those silly moments of insecurity that passes when I remember that blogs aren’t 100% real life. It’s not any particular blogger’s fault that I have those moments of insecurity because nobody has the power to make me feel bad about myself. Only I have that power.